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211 Chancellor Matheson Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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WSF Soccer South opened in 2008 and is located on the campus of the University of Manitoba. This 105,000sq-ft facility is one of the largest clear-span buildings in North American and is almost five stories high from field to ceiling at its highest point.


The facility features a simulated grass turf field (210' x 328') that provides the closest playing experience to real grass while also decreasing turf burn and injuries. Teams can play on the full field or curtains can be electronically lowered to divide the field in quarter or half field formations. Teams have their own bench areas and can also use the electronic clocks to officially keep score of their game.  


At field level, players have access to 12 large dressing rooms each with team lockers to secure your belongings. There are two dedicated rooms for referees with showers and individual lockers. A first aid room and ice are available for minor injuries. 

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An upper concourse area gives spectators a bird’s eye view of the playing surface and an ideal way to cheer on their team. To add to the amenities for players and fans is a canteen and Kicker’s Lounge, a fully licensed restaurant area. A large meeting room is also available to add to your rental options.

The Information Booth, sponsored by Sirius Benefit Plans, is located just inside the main entrance of the complex. A Winnipeg Soccer Federation staff member will be at the booth when the facility is in use. Here, you can pick up and return your locker key, pay for your field rental or simply stop by to ask for general information. Lost and found inquiries can also be made here or you can call the main office during business hours at 204-953-4747. Please note that all lost and found items will be held for 30 days only.

Large parking lots are located directly in front of the facility. These are University of Manitoba lots and are not operated by the Winnipeg Soccer Federation. Parking is free after 4:30pm on Monday-Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday. Please refer to the parking information posted at the meters for further details.



WSF Soccer South is available for rentals all year. Although ideal for soccer, we can accommodate other sports such as football, ultimate disc, baseball, rugby, dodge ball and hand ball. It is also well-suited for activity sessions, phys-ed classes, fitness evaluations and clinics. With WSF Soccer South and our other indoor facility, WSF Soccer North, the Winnipeg Soccer Federation offers two top level facilities to best suit your sport, activity and location. For more information, click here for rental rates. You can also contact our office by phone at 204-953-4747 or click here to submit an email inquiry.


The field at WSF Soccer South can be separated into three formations – full field, half fields or quarter fields. Curtains can be electronically lowered to divide the field size to best suit your sport or activity.

WSF South Quarter Field.jpg


A quarter field formation is when all the curtains are down to create a field size of 99' x 156' (30m x 48m).


The yellow lines on the field indicate what is used for quarter field soccer games, usually played in a 6v6 format using 12’w x 6’6”h sized nets.

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WSF South Half Field.jpg


A half field formation in when only the centre curtains are down to create a field size of 156' x 210' (48m x 64m).


The red lines on the field indicate what is used for half field soccer games, usually played in a 9v9 format using 16'5"w x 6'7"h sized nets.

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WSF South Full Field.jpg


A full field formation is when all the curtains are up to create a field size of 210' x 330' (64m x 101m).


The white lines on the field indicated what is used for full field soccer games, usually played in a 11v11 format using 24'w x 8'h sized nets.

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All participants and patrons using Winnipeg Soccer Federation managed fields must abide by these rules and regulations. Be advised that the Winnipeg Soccer Federation staff have the right to issue fines, refuse entry or remove any patron not abiding by these rules and regulations. Some policies may vary based on your sport or activity. Click here to view the policies for this facility.


Winnipeg Soccer Federation, 211 Chancellor Matheson Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 1Z2      Phone: 204-953-4747

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