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770 Leila Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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In partnership with the Manitoba government and the City of Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Soccer Federation (WSF) was proud to open its second indoor soccer facility, WSF Soccer North. Located on the north side of the Garden City Community Centre, this 163,000sq-ft facility opened for its first game on July 13, 2016


WSF Soccer North is houses a simulated grass turf field (210' x 328') that provides the closest playing experience to real grass while also decreasing turf burn and injuries. Teams can play on the full field or curtains can be electronically lowered to divide the field in quarter or half field formations.


At field level, there are 16 large dressing rooms, two referee rooms, a water bottle refill station and some additional space outside the playing area. A first aid room and ice are available for minor injuries. 

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On the second floor, the concourse provides a 360 degree view of the field along with larger seating areas and glass guardrails for optimal game viewing. Food and beverage services are available through Kicker’s Canteen & Lounge and is a fully licensed restaurant area. 

The Information Booth, sponsored by Sirius Benefit Plans, is located just inside the main entrance of the complex. A Winnipeg Soccer Federation staff member will be at the booth when the facility is in use. Here, you can pick up and return your locker key, pay for your field rental or simply stop by to ask for general information. Lost and found inquiries can also be made here or you can call the main office during business hours at 204-953-4747. Please note that all lost and found items will be held for 30 days only.


A fully paved parking lot with lights is located on the east side of the facility. Parking is free at all times of the day. You can access this lot when travelling east on Leila Avenue or enter from Kingsbury beside the hockey arena.

Our facility has undergone rigorous air quality testing and proudly adhere to the highest industry standards, providing a safe and healthy environment for all.


Refer to the emergency plan maps posted throughout the facility to acquaint yourself with the exit locations. In the case of emergency, located the nearest exit, exit the facility immediately and proceed to the designated muster point (gathering location). Do not return to the change rooms to collect your personal items. Locate your team members at the muster point and advise if anyone is missing. Click here to view the muster point location.



WSF Soccer North is available all year for rentals throughout the day and evening, based on availability. Although primarily used for soccer, the complex is also ideal for football, ultimate disc, baseball, rugby and hand ball. The complex is also well-suited for activity sessions, phys-ed classes, fitness evaluations and clinics. For more information, click here for rental rates. You can also contact our office by phone at 204-953-4747 or click here to submit an email inquiry..


The field at WSF Soccer North can be separated into three formations – full field, half fields or quarter fields. Curtains can be electronically lowered to divide the field size to best suit your sport or activity. Click here to view the overhead field map

WSF Soccer North Quarter Field.jpg


A quarter field formation is when all the curtains are down to create a field size of 99' x 156' (30m x 48m).


The yellow lines on the field indicate what is used for quarter field soccer games, usually played in a 6v6 format using 12’w x 6’6”h sized nets.

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WSF Soccer North Half Field.jpg


A half field formation in when only the centre curtains are down to create a field size of 156' x 210' (48m x 64m).


The red lines on the field indicate what is used for half field soccer games, usually played in a 9v9 format using 16'5"w x 6'7"h sized nets.

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WSF Soccer North Full Field.jpg


A full field formation is when all the curtains are up to create a field size of 210' x 330' (64m x 101m).


The white lines on the field indicated what is used for full field soccer games, usually played in a 11v11 format using 24'w x 8'h sized nets.

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All participants and patrons using Winnipeg Soccer Federation managed fields must abide by these rules and regulations. Be advised that the Winnipeg Soccer Federation staff have the right to issue fines, refuse entry or remove any patron not abiding by these rules and regulations. Some policies may vary based on your sport or activity. Click here to view the policies for this facility.


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