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All participants and patrons using Winnipeg Soccer Federation managed fields must abide by these rules and regulations. Additional policies may be applied to other sports, events and activities. Be advised that the Winnipeg Soccer Federation staff have the right to issue fines, refuse entry or remove any patron not abiding by these rules and regulations. Some policies may vary based on your sport or activity.


  • WATER ONLY: only water is permitted on all playing field, no exceptions! Other beverages such as sports drinks, coffee, soda and juice are NOT permitted, unless required for medical purposes.

  • SHOE REQUIREMENTS: plastic molded cleats or regular athletic running shoes are permitted, no metal or screw-in cleats.

  • NO FOOD & CANDY: no food, candy or gum on the field at any time. Refrain from seeds & peanuts within the complex.

  • NO SPITTING: do not spit on the playing field!

  • CLEAN YOUR CLEATS: clean your cleats before going on the fields or inside the clubhouse.

  • DRESSING ROOM ACCESS: there are occasions when you will have limited or no access to the dressing rooms. Consult the schedule board or check with staff for this information.

  • TEAM SHELTERS: shelters are provided to teams at their bench areas. Any person damaging these will be responsible for the repair or replacement of the shelters.

  • SPECTATORS: spectators are not allowed in the team bench or referee areas and should stay in or around the bleachers to watch the game. Only players and other official team personnel are allowed in the bench areas.

  • SOCCER BALLS: Do not trespass onto the water treatment plant area to retrieve soccer balls, this is City of Winnipeg
    property. Contact the WSF staff to alert them and provide your contact information. The City returns found soccer balls to the complex. Put your name on all soccer balls for easier identification. The Winnipeg Soccer Federation is not responsible for the replacement of lost soccer balls or other equipment inside or outside the complex.

  • CONDUCT: team personnel or spectators using inappropriate language or engaging in physical altercations will be removed from the complex. Teams are responsible for the conduct of your spectators so please make sure they are behaving accordingly.

  • NO PETS: pets are not allowed anywhere on the premises, unless required for medical purposes.

  • NO SMOKING:  smoking of any substance is not allowed on the premises or near the entrances.

  • NO ALCOHOL: the consumption of alcohol or other substances is prohibited at all times within the complex or parking lot.

  • NO COMBUSTIBLES: combustible such as, but not limited to, smoke bombs and fireworks, are NOT allowed in or around the facility. 

  • CLEAN UP: throw away and recycle all trash & debris from around your bench area when you are done your session. Please ask your spectators to do the same.

  • EMERGENCIES:  teams should bring their own first aid kit. There is no on-site first aid available and 9-1-1 should be called for emergencies!

  • PERSONNAL BELONGINGS: do not leave any personal belongings unattended, including in the dressing rooms. The Winnipeg Soccer Federation is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.

  • ADMISSION CHARGE: daily admission may be charged to all adult spectators. Players and coaches are to check in at the admissions booth upon arrival and advise the staff of the team they are playing for. If your team is scheduled to play that day, you will not be charged admission. Admission is not charged for youth league games.

  • WASHROOMS: use only the designated portable and clubhouse washrooms for your personal needs.


WSF staff have the authority to issue fines of $100 (first offence), $200 (second offence) and $500 (third or more offence) for the following:

  • relieving yourself in an area outside of the designated washroom facilities. First and second offences are charged to the offending player. Third or more offences are charged to the team.

  • leaving an area of the facility in poor condition (excessively messy/dirty). Fine issued to the team.

  • a member of your team trespasses on The City of Winnipeg water treatment plant property. Fine issued to the team.

  • accessing the WSF facility when it is locked and no WSF staff present. Fine issued to the team.

Rules and Regulations are subject to change.

For more information, contact the Winnipeg Soccer Federation at 204-953-4747.


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