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All participants and patrons using Winnipeg Soccer Federation managed fields must abide by these rules and regulations. Additional policies may be applied to other sports, events and activities. Be advised that the Winnipeg Soccer Federation staff have the right to issue fines, refuse entry or remove any patron not abiding by these rules and regulations. Some policies may vary based on your sport or activity.

  • Only water is permitted at field level (no sports drinks). Water fountains are located at field level and bottled water can be purchased at vending machines on the concourse and field level. Beverages other than water will NOT be permitted down to the field level and inside dressing rooms. Do not attempt to bring these drinks past the main entrance field door. WSF staff may ask you to finish your drink or offer to store it for you before proceeding down to field level.

  • Only clean athletic shoes or approved cleats (see below) are permitted on the turf or anywhere on the green surface, including bench areas. Outdoor shoes are not permitted on the turf at any time. This policy applies to everyone on the field, including coaches and team helpers.

  • Indoor soccer shoes, plastic molded cleats and regular athletic running shoes are allowed on the turf. No metal or screw-in cleats are allowed. Outdoor shoes, winter boots, sandals, ballet shoes or bare feet are not permitted.

  • Shoes are to be cleaned of all debris and dirt prior to arriving at the complex. You should change into your playing shoes once you arrive at the complex and then proceed to the field, do not wear them in from outside. If your shoes require cleaning, please do that before arriving at the facility.

  • No spitting! This is to maintain cleanliness and reduce bacteria on the field.

  • No food, candy or gum on the field.

  • No spectators on the field or on the field level walkway behind the mesh. Parents are allowed to assist their children in the dressing rooms but then must exit the field level and proceed to the concourse.

  • Do not go on the field until your scheduled rental time begins and be off the field before your rental time is done. You must warm-up during your scheduled rental time. Do not warm up on the field sidelines as it interrupts the current field user.

  • Throw away/recycle all trash & debris from bench areas and dressing rooms when done.

  • Anyone using inappropriate language will be removed from the complex.

  • All teams should have their own first aid kit at their bench. WSF staff are available to assist you with any injuries beyond what your first aid kit can handle but they are not EMS. For serious injuries, 911 should be called immediately.

  • ALLERGY ALERT: the field is composed of rubber which may irritate people with latex or other allergies.

  • Your team will be assigned a dressing room and a locker/door key. Keys are to be picked up by one team representative at the information booth. You will be asked to leave your car keys or ID in exchange for the locker room key. Return the key when your team has finished using the dressing rooms. If you lose the locker key, you will be required to pay a replacement fee of $25 before receiving your items back. The Winnipeg Soccer Federation is not responsible for lost or damaged property.

  • Dressing rooms are scheduled on a rotating basis with other users in the complex. When your team is on the field, another team may be scheduled to use your dressing room. You will be allowed to enter your dressing room 15 minutes prior to your rental time and we ask that you exit within 15 minutes afterwards so please change and shower as quickly as possible. There may be times where you will also be sharing a room at the same time as another group of the same gender. Do not switch dressing rooms/lockers with other teams/users.

  • Alcohol is NOT allowed at field level, in dressing rooms or on the concourse level. It is only permitted in the designated restaurant areas as sold by the restaurant. Bringing in your own alcohol is not permitted.

  • No pets allowed on the premises.

  • No smoking or vaping allowed inside the building.

  • WSF Soccer South Parking is available in the University of Manitoba lots at the front of the building (refer to the parking lot signs for further information). The Winnipeg Soccer Federation is not responsible for these lots, including supplying change for the meters. Parking disputes are to be directed to the University of Manitoba directly.  WSF Soccer North Parking has free parking in the lot in front of the facility.


In addition to the polices as stated above, the following policies are also in place for these sports:

Additional Football & Rugby Policies

  • No punting. You may practice punting drills but do not release the ball as high as the field lights and curtain mechanisms or towards the vents.

  • No kicking of footballs into the curtains or mesh areas around the field, or on the concourse.

  • No sleds or other equipment that drags across the field.

  • No paint or other markings are not to be made on the field.


Additional Baseball/Softball Policies

  • Games cannot be played in the facility without prior consent and with modifications. Not all game play will be permitted.

  • Batting practice (fly balls) is not allowed including batting from a pitcher or pitching machine. You may hit off a tee into a net using sponge balls or other low impact baseballs. Hard balls are not allowed.

  • Ground ball practice is allowed if the batting is controlled by a coach or technician.

  • Do not use the field curtains as a back-stop for batting or pitching.

  • Do not do any drills that result in baseballs being hit towards the field lights, venting system or up on the concourse.

  • Sliding mats must be used for sliding drills (not provided).

Rules and Regulations are subject to change.

For more information, contact the Winnipeg Soccer Federation at 204-953-4747.


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