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SUBWAY® Soccer South is full of amenities to enhance your sporting experience. Here is an overview of some of the conveniences the facility has to offer.


SUBWAY® Soccer South houses a full field with a playing surface of 210' x 330'. The field can be separated into three formations – full field, half fields or quarter fields. Curtains can be electronically lowered to divide the field to best suit your sport or activity. Here are the different formations that the field can be configured in:

Quarter Field Formation: A quarter field formation is when all the curtains are down and the field is set up with nets sized 12'w x 6'6"h. You will be using the yellow line markings on the field. The quarter field playing surface is 99' x 156' (30m x 48m).

Half Field Formation: A half field formation in when only the north/south centre curtains are down and the field is set up with nets sized 16'5"w x 6'7"h. You will be using the red line field markings. The half field playing surface is 156' x 210' (48m x 64m).

Full Field Formation: A full field formation is when all the curtains are up and you will be playing with nets sized 24'w x 8'h. You will be using the white line markings on the field. Field size is 210' x 330' (64m x 101m).

Quarter Field Formation

Quarter Field Playing Field Size 99' x 156' (30m x 48m)

Half Field Formation

Half Field Playing Field Size 156' x 210' (48m x 64m)

Full Field Formation

Full Field Playing Field Size 210' x 330' (64m x 101m)

 Click on each image to view a larger size photo

Click here to view an overhead map of the field level layout that includes field markings and dressing rooms. When viewing the map, quarter fields are indicated from 1-4; half fields are a combination of fields 1 & 2 for one half field and 3 & 4 for the other half field; full field is the entire playing surface.

SUBWAY® Soccer South is home to the head office of the Winnipeg Soccer Federation. You can locate the office on the concourse across from field #1 during business hours from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Please use the intercom at the main entrance to request access to the complex during business hours. Phone number: 204-953-4747.

The Information Booth, sponsored by Sirius Benefit Plans, is located just inside the main entrance of the complex. A Winnipeg Soccer Federation staff member will be at the booth during most hours when the facility is in use. Here, you can pick up and return your locker keys, pay for your field rental, inquire about lost and found items or simply stop by to ask for general information.

If you have lost an item during your visit to SUBWAY® Soccer South, or have found something that belongs to someone else, please go to the Information Booth in the main entrance.To inquire about a lost and found item during business hours, please call the WSF main office at 204-953-4747. Please note that all lost and found items will be held for 30 days only.

Parking is available in the lots located in front of the complex. These are University of Manitoba lots and are not governed by the Winnipeg Soccer Federation. Parking is free after 4:30pm from Monday to Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday. Parking fees are due prior to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Please refer to the parking information posted at the meters for further details (subject to change without notice).

SUBWAY® Soccer South is located on the campus of the University of Manitoba at 211 Chancellor Matheson Road, just west of Bison Stadium and Investor’s Group Field. If driving south on Pembina, turn east (left) on Chancellor Matheson Road and you’ll see the complex on your left, just past the first set of lights at Research Road. Drive slightly past the complex and then make a left u-turn and turn immediately to your right into the parking area and facility. Click here for a map to the complex.

An injury can occur at any time and the WSF have put first aid and procedures in place to assist with emergency situations.

  • FIRST AID ROOM: All teams should come prepared with their own first aid kits at their benches. Should an injury require additional aid, the first aid room is located at field level. If someone has been injured, locate a WSF staff person to gain access to the first aid room. This room is equipped with an oxygen tank, back board, massage table and ice packs. WSF staff are trained to assist you with basic first aid but if you have a more serious injury, please seek professional medical aid immediately.
  • AED: The complex is equipped with two Automated External Defibrillators (AED).One AED is located at field level across from field #1 by the first aid room and the other is located on the concourse by Red Card Soccer pro shop.
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES: For quick access to emergency services, a designated 9-1-1 Phone is located on the wall across from field #1 by the first aid room. Open the box, lift the phone receiver and you will be automatically connected to 9-1-1. Further directions are located by the phone. If you have called 9-1-1, please notify WSF staff immediately so they can coordinate emergency services upon arrival.